"Changing Lives building                                                                                    Nations."

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Thank you for your donations

Merci pour votre Don

We are honored that you are making a sustainable, cost-effective contribution that will enhance the lives of many families in our cities and nations. When you give, many young people are empowered, individuals in vulnerable communities are capacitated to prosper in their environment, their professional, social and entrepreneurial endeavors. Your generosity in giving and your willingness to extend your resources to our work is really appreciated. Your financial and/or in-kind contribution goes toward upcoming projects, and the necessary human resources that is required to make things happen; it is Tax deductible. 

Make Checks to:

The Hope of Life Foundation

228 East 25th Avenue #104

Baltimore, MD 21218 USA

Telephone: 410-900-7884


Together let’s change lives, and build nations. Join us!

Thank you for your contributions!

Merci pour vos contributions!