"Changing Lives and Building Nations."

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About  Hope of Life Foundation


The Hope of Life Foundation functions under the auspices of MARANATHA GOSPEL OF FAITH MINISTRY, a 501(c)(3), Non-Profit Organization that is based in Baltimore, Maryland. At the Hope of Life Foundation (H.L.F), we promote the dignity and self-worth of all our client communities. Our organization strives to give its clients excellent quality of life, as defined by community associations, its residents or any government agency with which we are affiliated for development and training purposes. In Africa, we orchestrate development projects that will build strong communities. In America, we init​iate training programs that will empower individuals. The Hope of Life Foundation is not just a business venture for develop​ment - it is a business venture for the betterment of the lives of those whom we serve!


At the Hope for Life Foundation,our vision is to be best transcontinental company  that meets the needs of those in need in both the United Stated and Africa , with professionalism, integrity and  concern. it is our sincere desire that our sponsors , financiers and those in the communities in which we serve,will all affirm that we are committed to carrying out this vision to the fullest extent. through all our projects, products and services, we aspire to build long -lasting relationship, that will not only change lives :but, will also change nations.    


We believe in the following keywords concerning our values: 

Humility, Helpfulness and Impact

For these reasons, we are truly committed to understanding the needs of those whom we serve as we continuously put ourselves in their shoes to better understand them, (Humility). Next, we aim to go above-and-beyond our “call of duty” to be helpful and realize that it is our job to make things better and easy to implement, (Helpfulness). Last, but not least, our aim is to ensure that our efforts will make positive and long-lasting impacts on both our sponsors and clients, around the world. For these reasons, it is our heartfelt desire to leave a sustainable lega​cy for the next generation of donors and beneficiaries, who will someday do the same, (Impact).

Thank you for your contributions!
Merci pour vos contributions!

H.L.F International Team

USA, Republic of Congo, France

Mr. Patrick Kouka

President, Founder & CEO

Baltimore ,Washington & Brazzaville Officer

Dr. William A. Benjamin

Project Director & Translator

Baltimore  & Brazzaville Officer

Mr. Christian G Massamba

Land Development Officer

Brazzaville Officer

Ms. Lembe Tayilo

Training & Development and Strategic

 Planning Advisor 

Texas, USA

Public Relations Representative

France, Officer

Mr. Michael Milandou

Finance Department Director

Brazzaville Officer

MS. Loecadie Gertrude Mv Mutombo

Finance Department Supervisor

Brazzaville Officer

Mr.Mampassi Tuakodila

Administrative Counselor

Brazzaville,Congo Officer

Ms. L. Gertrud Mvouama Mutombo

Finance Department Supervisor

Brazzaville, Congo Officer

Mr. Malonga Augustin Medard

Cultural Development Officer

Brazzaville, Congo Officer

Mr. David O. Benjamin

Youth Program Coordinator

Baltimore USA Officer

Mr. Mantsiela Auguste

Cultural Development Officer

Rouen, France Officer

Ms.Nesly Mansiela

Administrative Counselor Education

Roeun France Officer

Mrs. Elodie Massamba

Youth Program Coordinator

Paris, France Officer

Mrs. Bernardette Goma

Finance Department Supervisor assistant

Nebraska, USA  Officer